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CF Moto Z5/Z8 & Z1000 Enclosures & Windshields

UK Model: Quadzilla Z8/Z1000
Canadian Model: Snyper 800 EFI 
South African Model: Terracross Z8

Our Enclosures & Windshields will fit all Z8 models.

All CF Moto Z8 Enclosures & Windshields fit the 2016+ ZForce 500

All CF Moto Z8 Enclosures & Windshields fit the 2018 Z1000

Please click on the photos for more information, photos and instructions about purchasing.

Our CF Moto Z8 & Z5 Enclosures are fully Modular.  You can start with a Top Cap, add a Lexan Windshield at a later date, add a Back Panel and then finally the Doors.


2014 - 2016+ CF Moto ZForce 800

2014 - 2016+ CF Moto ZForce 800 EX

2014 - 2016+ CF Moto ZForce 800 EX EPS

2014 - 2016+ Quadzilla Z8

2014 - 2016+ CF Moto Terracross Z8

2016+ CF Moto ZForce 500

2016+ CF Moto ZForce 500 HO

2016+ Quadzilla Z550 EFI  

2016+ CF Moto Terracross Z5

2018+ CF Moto Z1000

CF Moto Z8 Summer Cab with a Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents
Summer Cab is a Solid Lexan Windshield - Soft Top - Rear Window Panel

From $499.99

CF Moto Z8 Modular Full Cab for an Existing Windshield
Modular Full Cab is - Soft Doors - Soft Roof - Back Window Panel


CF Moto ZForce Hard Lexan Door Kit


+ Free Shipping

CF Moto Rod Door Kit

Hard Frame & Soft Skin


CF Moto ZForce Skid Plates

From $649.00

Free Shipping

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