UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


Can-Am Maverick Full Cab Enclosure with a Split Lexan Windshield

2011 - 2019+ Can-Am Maverick

Can-Am Maverick Full Cab Enclosure with a Split 2Pc Lexan Windshield 

 Full Cab Enclosure including a
Split Lexan Windshield with Vents, Soft Roof, Door Panels and a Rear Window.

Zip Open Windows in both Doors $35.00 Extra

Zip Open Back Window $35.00 Extra

Lexan Rear Window only add $90.99 Extra. You can also add a Dual Vent in the Rear Window for another $10.00

No available for all UTV models, check first.

Simple Grip Straps

Loop Clamps

Quick Connect Clamps

Full Cab Enclosure with a Split Lexan Windshield

All of our Maverick Lexan Windshields are a Split Two Piece Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents as a free option.

Full Cab Enclosure including a Top, Door Kit, Back Panel and one of the following Lexan Windshields:

Standard Windshield with Loop Clamps & Vents $719.95  Code: FCE-LG2
Premium Economy Windshield with Quick Install Straps & Vents  $719.95‚Äč   Code: FCE-SB2
Premium Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps & Vents $779.95    Code: FCE-LB2
Deluxe  Economy Windshield with Quick Install Straps & Vents  $839.95    Code: FCE-SM2
Deluxe Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps & Vents $929.95    Code: FCE-LM2
Available Extras
+ 2 x Zip Open Windows $35.00
+ Zip Open Back Window $35.00
+ Zip Open Back Window & 2 Door Windows $70.00
+ Lexan Back Window with Dual Vent $110.00*
+ 2 x Zip Open Windows & a Lexan Back $145.00

From $719.95

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The default color is Onyx Black. You will receive this color if you don't choose a color.
There is no Lexan Back Window available for the Maverick at this point in time.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.  
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