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THE Polaris RZR4 Full Cab Enclosure with Lexan Windshield is a fantastic combo made from the finest materials available. The Lexan windshield is 1/4" Lexan which is much stronger than the 3/16" versions that will bow at high speeds with fast sports UTVs. We also use quick connect clamps with our Lexan Screens. These make installation a breeze. After the clamps are on your rollbar, you never have to remove them to take your Windshield off. Just loosen the knob bolts to remove the Windshield. Easy on.....solid fit.....then easy off. You are getting the best of both worlds here. Our Lexan Winshields includ a 2" strip of rubber edging along the botton and both sides. This protects the Windshield from hitting the rollbar when running hard, the rubber edging stops that cold.

This Pacific Eagle full UTV Enclosure is truly unique...... IT'S PRACTICLLY MODULAR. Of course you have the benefits of a full cab, doors that roll back top and back. Don't want the doors on today? THEY ZIP OFF! Now you have a mini cab. Don't want the back on. IT ZIPS OFF! Now you just have the Windshield and top. Don't want the Windshield on. IT BOLTS OFF! Now you just have a roof cap. It's like have four Cabs in one. As always, Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures only use the finest professional grade materials which are hand measured and handcrafted to ensure a precise fit. The Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosure provides shelter from rain, wind, sun and snow. The windshield and enclosure comes complete with self-adhesive Velcro , installation and care instructions. Everything is included in the kit for easy installation.

Shipping is extra for all Lexan Windshields. Please let us quote you before you hit the Add To Cart button.

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