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Pacific Eagle UTV only uses 1/4" Lexan for all our hard windshields. Much stronger and more stable than the 3/16" versions that bow at high speeds. We also use quick connect clamps for all our windshields. The quick connect clamps make installation a breeze. The  Windshield needs 4 to 6 clamps for maximum stability. After the clamps are on the rollbar, you never have to remove them to remove the windshield. Just loosen the knob bolts and the windshield comes off. Easy on....solid fit.....easy off. Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference. Our Lexan windshields include a 2" piece of rubber edging at the top edge of the windshield. Just in case there was any chance of the windshield hitting the rollbar when running hard. The rubber edging stops that cold!  (photos shown are non-tinted)

Shipping is extra for all Lexan Windshields. Please let us quote you before you hit the Add To Cart button.

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