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ECU Reflash Maverick 1000

Maverick ECU re-flash
-Rev limiters raised to 9500 rpm (We can make any limit).
-Speed limiters removed.
-Torque limiters removed.
-Fan activation lowered to 165 degrees.
-Engine and air temp limit raised.
-Eco mode 50% power
-Reliable and runs on 91 octane.
-Gas and brake pedal can be applied at same time for race start.
We flash your ecu as it is paired to your key. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks.
Why you want this:
Your Can Am maverick's ecu does a couple annoying things that most people want to get rid of. Number one is when going through whoops it cuts throttle which is very annoying especially to racers. Also at high speeds and rpm the throttle will close itself causing a loss of power. Our flash gets rid of both of these two problems. The more mods/horsepower you have the better this flash will work. It does work great on stock units as well.


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