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Cat-0 Middle Buster

This is for the CAT-0 Hitch / 3 Point Attachment System installed

The CAT-0 Middle Buster is the ideal potato plow or breaking plow. It is useful for laying off rows, opening furrows, digging potatoes, pointing a ditch, digging trenches for water lines, and for general field prep. The subsoil point buts sod and loosens compacted soil. Attaches to CAT-0 / 3 Point Attachment Systems with the included pins.

  • Garden Tractor
  • Lawn Tractor
  • Any vehicle with a CAT-0 Hitch / 3 Point Attachment System installed
  • NOTE: CAT-0 is defined as Tractor Power up to 20 hp (15 kW)

  • Depth from bottom of hitch to bottom of blade: 11"
  • Cutting edge: 2" (W) x 7" (L) x 3/8" (D)
  • Maximum cutting depth: 10"
  • 8-gauge 3-point frame
  • 10-gauge main frame tube
  • Weight: 29 lbs

  • Rigid drop shank
  • Heavy duty stabilizer frame
  • Replaceable / Reversible, tempered
  • Integrated 3 Point CAT-0 quick mount
  • Requires a CAT-0 Hitch / Three-Point Hitch (not included) already installed

This is what you need to work with your Garden Tractor. 

~ A CAT-0 Hitch / 3 Point Attachment System

You need one of the following already installed on your Lawn Tractor

Cat-0 Hitch on Lawn or Garden Tractors

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