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CF Moto UForce 500/800 Full Aluminium & HDPE Plastic Skid Plate

  • Full protection of bottom and front part of the ATV.
  • Pre-cut sectors for finishing the optional rib shaped holes for mud draining.
  • Holes for oil changing.
  • Holes for IB Mid-mount adapter.
  • Detailed installation instruction.
Brand:                                                   IB
Make:                                                    CFMOTO
Model:                                                   UFORCE 550 UFORCE 800
Material:                                                Plastic HDPE
Thickness:                                            10 mm
Weight:                                                  63.93 lbs
Packed dimensions:                             1100 x 850 x 200 mm
UTVs are born to be driven off road. Whether you use your vehicle for farm or forest work, for everyday chores around your property or just for some good old fashioned off-roading fun, you still have to go over rocks and stumps, through mud and ditches, navigate between trees and rocks, and maneuver in tight spaces. We know that in order to make the most of your vehicle, it needs solid and reliable protection that lets you concentrate on the job at hand and not worry about damaging it.

Iron Baltic ATV plastic skid plates are a big step up from factory installed plastic covers, which offer little to no protection against impacts. Our plastic skid plates are made from high density polyethylene (PE-HWU), which has excellent sliding properties, high corrosion and chemical resistance, and superb UV-protection. The material remains very tough even at low temperatures (even at -50°C / -58° F) but is still flexible enough not to deform and regain its shape after an impact. Plastic skid plates are structurally rigid and durable with low friction properties offering easy and safe operations even in extreme conditions. All of our plastic skid plates are fully compatible with all other Iron Baltic products (plow adapters, hitch ball mounting kits, etc.) and with most factory accessories (original winch adapters, etc.).

We currently offer plastic skid plates for more than 200 ATV models.  

Code: 02.10800


Shipping will be on a separate PayPal invoice for outside of North America international shipping.
Shipping is free for the U.S and Canada.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.  
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Even though the shipping costs are free (DHL EXPRESS shipping service included in product price), there still may be importing related fees / duties / tax charged additionally from you since we ship products from outside the North America.
Usually these import related fees are additionally charged by shipper (DHL) on product receipt, who does the import documentation / processing on your behalf to make the delivery quicker.
According to our customers, the usual additional charges for the import duty and processing fees are around 50 US dollars for Canadian customers on one skid plate shipment.
Imports to USA are import duty free up to $800 product value.
*according to The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act
Code: 02.10800
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