UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


Cleaning Lexan Windshields

There are a few recommended products available for cleaning your Lexan (Polycarbonate) Windshield. The only products that we recommend are Brillianize Plastic Cleaner & Novus Plastic Clean & Shine.

If you are not going to use one of these products, then just use water & a soft rag.

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

Brillianize is specially formulated to clean, preserve and protect high performance big screen televisions, LCD and plasma displays, photo copiers, scanners, precision optics, cameras and lenses.

Brillianize is safe to use with lucite, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, acrylic, Acrylite® and all plastic or glass surfaces. Manufacturers use Brillianize products in the final production stage to enhance the appearance and performance of their finished products. Brillianize is safe non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our formula contains no alcohol, no ammonia, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no ethylene glycol butyl ether or other less expensive chemicals found in many household cleaners. Be GREEN, use Brillianize. It is safe to use around children and pets.

Novus Plastic Clean & Shine

Novus Plastic Clean & Shine gently cleans all plastics without scratching. Leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging, repels dust, and eliminates static. Resists finger marking. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. Leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine. If the surface is extremely dirty, apply NOVUS No. 1 liberally and wipe using long, sweeping strokes. Do not use pressure at this time or large dirt particles may scratch the plastic. Re-apply NOVUS No. 1. Polish using short, circular strokes with a clean portion of the cloth. When surface is thoroughly clean and uniformly covered, buff to a slippery glaze with a clean portion of the cloth. Surfaces buffed to a high glaze are more resistant to dust and future scratching. Reapply NOVUS No. 1 regularly to maintain the antistatic, smudge and scratch resistant properties. Only use No.1 in the Novus range of products for cleaning Lexan, because  Novus No. 2 & No. 3 will be to harsh.


Do hose off your Windshield completely after every drive.
Do always hose off mud, dirt or sand before using your soft rag.
Do lightly apply your damp soft rag to your Windshield from side to side after hosing off first.
Do use Brillianize Plastic Cleaner. Rinse off all mud or dust & follow the manufactures instructions. 
Do use Novus Plastic Clean & Shine. Rinse off all mud or dust & follow the manufactures instructions.


Don’t clean your Lexan windshield with anything but one of the products mentioned above or water and a soft rag.

Don’t scrub in a circular motion with your soft rag, use a side to side motion softly.
Don’t scrub off loose mud, dirt or sand with your soft rag, hose it off first.
Don’t use automotive window cleaners, they are only for glass.
Don’t use abrasive based cleaning agents.
Don’t use alcohol based cleaning agents.

Don’t use soap, the finish may be hazy.
Don’t use toothpaste, it is abrasive.
Don’t scrub hard with your soft rag.

Pacific Eagle Lexan & Lexan MR10 Windshields

If you use Windshield Wipers on your UTV, you will need Lexan MR10.

Lexan MR10

Lexan MR10 sheet has an abrasion coating on both sides which provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and helps ensure a like-new appearance for many years to come.

The next generation of UV resistance.

The MR10 coating now incorporates enhanced UV protection for the sheet from the debilitating effects of sunlight. As a result, Lexan* MR10 sheet is accompanied by extended warranties that can help long-term product performance.

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