UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


Kubota RTV 400/500 Lexan Hard Doors

Our Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Doors will fit the Kubota RTV 400/500 models
This will keep you warm and dry while giving to the same visibility without any doors. Our Lexan Doors will work in with all other 
Pacific Eagle UTV Tops, Windshields and Hard or Soft Backs. It will also work with OEM Tops, Windshields and Backs

Lexan Hard Doors are available for all UTV models that we build for. If you can't see your model, just ask!

These Kubota RTV doors, plus the front and back panels of the doors are made out of Lexan 9034 for maximum visibility. 9034 Lexan has 250 Times the Impact Strength of Glass & the 1/4" Lexan will not bow at high speeds. The Lexan door panels and doors are supported by an 11 gauge frame which the Lexan doors are attached to. The doors are hinged to the steel frame.  The steel portion of the frame is painted with a truck bed lining paint.  The Lexan doors incorporate a paddle latch to open and close.  We include Dual Vents in each door and have added trim around the doors to create a seal.

. Lexan Door
. Lexan Side Panel
. 11 Gauge Frame
. Dual Vents
. Paddle Latch
. Trim Seal 
If you already have a Hard Top, all you need is our Lexan Doors, Lexan Windshield and Lexan Back Window to complete a full hard cab enclosure. 

GP 9034 Lexan Doors:  $1299.95.95

Scratch Resistant MR10 Lexan Doors:  $1599.95

Add Lexan Back Panels, Windshields and Top from here

Dual Vents are included with the Lexan Doors

Currently Unavailable

The weight is 100 lbs so shipping will be calculated for those in Alaska or Hawaii and also international shipping . Extra shipping charges will be on a separate PayPal invoice for those outside the lower 48. 
This PayPal button is for more than one UTV model. Please make sure you enter your UTV make, model and year when ordering.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.
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