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Mahindra mPACT XTV Modular Rear Polycarb Panel

Mahindra XTV Modular Rear Polycarb Panel with Dual Vents


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Mahindra XTV Modular Rear Polycarb Panel

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Our Modular Rear Polycarb Panel for the Mahindra XTV is truly top of the line. All our Back Panels are hand crafted for a precision fit.

All Pacific Eagle UTV Windshields and Back Panels are made of 1/4" Lexan. The 1/4" will not bow at high speeds. We use Clear 9034 Lexan for our back panels which is Dot approved. 9034 Lexan has 250 Times the Impact Strength of Glass.
Standard Loop clamps are used to attach the Back Lexan Panel to the roll bars & we have added heavy duty automotive edge trim around all sides. This prevents any rattle during your ride. For the same price you can also choose Simple Grip Straps which make removing and installing your Rear Window a breeze. There's also an upgrade available if you wish to include the best possible clamp for you Rear Window called Quick Connect Clamps. These are the most convenient and toughest Clamps you can buy. All in all, the Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Back Panel is a superior Hard Rear Window that will help keep exterior dust & sound out. The Windshield comes with installation instructions to make the install easy. Don't forget the  Lexan Back Panel is backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Loop Clamps

Simple Grip Straps

Enclosure Options

Dual Vents $10.00

Quick Connect Clamps $50.00

Available Extras

Tinted Back Panel $150.00

Quick Connect Clamps

Dual Vents

From $317.00

Lexan Back Panel
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We can not tint Deluxe MR10 Lexan Windshields.
The Lexan Back Window is available for all Mahindra mPACT XTV models.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.
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