UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


Mahindra Roxor

Mahindra Roxor 2018+

Depending on what product you choose, you will be taken to the Pacific Eagle UTV website or our Powersports Megamall website.  

Cab Enclosure Combos

Lexan Windshields


Cab Combos with Lexan & Vinyl Windshields - Doors - Tops - Back Panels

+ Free Shipping

1 and 2 Piece Lexan Windshields - 

Half Lexan Windshields - Lexan Back Panels

+ Free Shipping

Viper Winches

+ Free Shipping

LED Light Bars & Bulbs

Hard Doors

Farm Implements

LED Light Bars - LED Bulbs

+ Free Shipping

Lexan Hard Doors Coming Soon

+ Free Shipping

Cultivators, Harrows, Landscaping Rakes, Plows, Planters, Hilling Moldboards, Bale Trailers, Potato Digger, Box Scraper, Barb Wire Dispenser, Lawn Aerator, Lawn Roller, Landscaping Rake

+ Free Shipping



Sound Systems

Exhaust, Fuel/Air, Gauges, Interior, Body, Clutch and belt, Suspension/Drive.
+ Free Shipping

Aluminum or Plastic Skid Plates, 

+ Free Shipping

Amps, LED Lighting, Marine Speakers, Stereo Roof, Subwoofers
+ Free Shipping

Lawn & Garden



Belly Mowers, Flail Mowers, Rough Cut Trailcutter Mowers, Rough Cut Mowers, Finish Cut Mowers, Tongue Mowers
+ Free Shipping
Snow Plows, Snow Blowers, Ski sled, Timbersled, Classic track setter, Sand & Gravel spreader, Rotary broom, Push broom, Rubber blade, Trailer skis, Universal spreader, Cab Heaters.
+ Free Shipping
Log haulers, Hydraulic log splitter, Kinetic log splitter, Timber trailers, Wood chippers, Chainsaw Holders, Cargo box, Timber Crane, Road grader attachment, Electric winch set, Electric winch set.
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Adapters & Mounting Kits

Spare Parts

Baskets and Racks, Cargo Boxes, Chainsaw Holders, Hydraulic Power Unit, Mini-Motion Package, Aluminum Arched Ramp, Mudslingers
+ Free Shipping

Front-mount adapters, Front winch mounting kits, Hitch-ball mounting kits, Mid-mount adapters, Rear winch mounting kits
+ Free Shipping
Belts, Blades, Clamps, Disks, Flail mower parts, Plow parts, Shanks, Shovel, Springs, Switches
+ Free Shipping


UTV Electric Wiper Kit

Wheels and Tires

Side Mirrors and Rear Vision Mirrors

+Free Shipping

For use with MR10 Scratch Resistant Lexan Windshields only

+ Free shipping

Wheels - Tires - Wheel Spacers

+ Free Shipping

ATV / UTV Utility trailers

UTV Cab Heaters

From $349.95Three designs to suit your needs.

+ Free Shipping

These are a complete kit designed to keep you comfortable during the colder months

+ Free Shipping

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