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Viper Winches

For over a decade, Viper Winches have delivered premium performance and reliability. Choose from three unique ATV/UTV winch lines with pulling capacities of 2,500 to 6,000lbs. All Viper Elites and Max 3,500-5,000lb ATV/UTV winches now carry the official IP67 waterproof rating – the only winch in the industry!

Must have accessories and mount plate kits for ATVs & UTVs will have you setup in no time. Composite housings, planetary metal gear trains, heavy duty DC , permanent magnet motors and optional Amsteel®-Blue Synthetic rope will give you the confidence to master any job or terrain.

Second to none Customer Service will help you from start to finish. Knowledgeable in everything from fitment to ordering to installation, they will walk beside you every step of the way. Give us a call today and be the guy everyone calls to rescue them from the mud!

Impact Implements

IMPACT Implements find the sweet spot in pricing, performance, and versatility for use in food plots, small acreage farms, horse corrals, and other ongoing planting and landscaping needs. IMPACT Implements easily attach and detach to ATVs, UTVs, garden tractors, CAT-0 and the like and are heavy duty enough to do the job well while being lightweight enough to maneuver.

Whether plowing new soil with the 8-disc plow, leveling out the ground with the box blade, removing debris with the landscape rake or ripping through tree roots with the middle buster, the full line of IMPACT Implements has everything you need to make quick work of any job you have.

Denali  Plows

DENALI ATV & UTV Snow Plows are made to handle the toughest conditions of snow and ice. The "Easy-Connect" design attaches the plow to your machine in no time. Vehicle specific, center mounted plates disperse the force of impact to the sturdiest part of the machine, preventing damage to the front end and other areas during impact.

Choose from a DOT/County style or traditional straight blade depending on your needs. Tires or tracks? No problem – DENALI plows work with both. Don’t want to get out of your UTV to turn the blade? DENALI Hydroturns take care of that for you with the help of a Parker pump.

Flags for seeing blade edges, rubber flaps to keep snow rolling off instead of over the blade, and pulley fairleads to ease the stress on your plow cable. We are ready to help you outfit your blade for whatever conditions you plow in.

Have questions on fitment or want help choosing the style blade or accessories? Call our friendly Customer Service Team and they will help you get set up before the next snow falls!

Firestorm Cab Heaters

Need heat? Want the flexibility of using your UTV/SxS comfortably in subzero temps? Firestorm Cab Heaters are designed heaters to keep you toasty warm in any frigid environment. Machine model specific kits are complete with every hose, louver/vent, clamp and fitting that you will need for a professional installation.

Plow that snow and ride those trails with a Firestorm Cab Heater today - Designed to keep you warm in coldest conditions!

Experience the heat at Firestorm UTV Cab Heater!

Polaris Licensed Sunglasses

The frames are produced through Swiss Technology.  TR90 is widely considered the most flexible and durable material available. The lightweight, thermoplastic technology contours to your face for the ultimate in long term comfort and feel. Rubber traction pads on the temple and nose provide ultimate comfort and fit. You can wear them all day and hardly know they are there.

Polycarbonate Optical 1 Lenses for Maximum Protection and Clarity
The poly-carbonate lenses offer 100% protection from all UV sunlight, and are at least 10 times more resistant to shattering than glass or plastic lenses. These premium lenses will keep your eyes protected with crystal clear optics in any environment.

Multiple Lens Colors for Different Applications
All Polaris frames come with your choice of lens color depending upon your needs.

Sirius LED Lights

Sirius LED Lights turn night into day whether riding through the deep forest or up a rock ledge. From curved, single and double row LED Light bars to dually lights, we have you covered with sizes ranging 2” cubes to 50” bars.

Waterproof IP69K rated, 5W light output, and unyielding aluminum construction means you can take Sirius Lights from trail to stream and back. Durable for any riding conditions, the Deutsch wiring harness allows you to plug them in and get rolling on the darkest roads and trails.

Evolution Accessories

Evolution Accessories are a selection of UTV Windshields with or without Windshield Wipers. 


Viper Winches

Denali  Plows

Impact Implements

All Impact Implements are unavailable for now 

All ATV / UTV Farm Implements
Pro 62" Landscape Rake - w/Latch
Pro Disc Plow / Harrow
Pro 52" Plow Blade w/Box Ends
Pro Cultivator
Pro Cultipacker
Pro Middle Buster
Pro 1-Point Lift System
Pro 1-Point Hydraulic Lift System
Pro 3-Point Hitch Receiver
Pro Sleeve Hitch
Pro 6-Piece Kit with a Hydraulic Lift
Pro 6-Piece Kit with a Manual Lift
Pro Landscape Kit with a Manual Lift
Pro New Soil Cultivation Kit with a Manual Lift

Firestorm Cab Heaters

Polaris Licensed Sunglasses

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