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Polaris Ranger Mid 570 Full Cab Enclosure with Steel Doors, Lexan Windshield,
Lexan Back Window and a Soft Top.

Polaris Ranger Mid 570  Full Cab Enclosure including Steel Doors, Split Lexan Windshield with Vents, Soft Roof and a Lexan Rear Window.
The above photos show a Hard Roof which is not part of this Cab Enclosure Combo
Polaris Ranger Mid 570  Full Cab Enclosure with Steel Doors, Split Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents,
Sop Top Cap and a Hard Lexan Back Window

Cab Enclosure: The Polaris Ranger Mid 570 Full Cab Enclosure with Steel Doors includes a Split Two Piece Lexan Windshield, Soft Top, Steel Doors and a Lexan Back Panel. The Cab Enclosure is a fantastic combo made from the finest materials available. This is a modular Cab, so all panels connect to each other. These are not sewn together and that means you have the freedom to remove or add panels as the seasons change.

Steel Doors: The Steel Doors are made out of 11 gauge steel. The door frame is supported by an 11 gauge frame which the steel doors close against. We incorporate multiple pieces of 3/8” steel rods to make the frame as solid as we can. The steel door frame is covered with 11 gauge steel and a ¼” Polycarb window. The steel portion of the frame is painted with a truck bed lining paint.

Lexan Windshield & Lexan Back Panel: The Split Two Piece Lexan Windshield is & solid Lexan Back Panel is 1/4" Lexan 9034 for our Standard & Premium Windshields which is much stronger than the 3/16" versions that will bow at high speeds with fast sports UTVs. For our Deluxe Windshield we use Scratch Resistant Lexan MR10. If you are going to attach wipers to your Windshield, you will need to use our Deluxe Windshield. We highly recommend Dual Vents as an extra add on. Why wouldn't you at just $10.00 more for the Dual Vents.
All Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Windshields are D.O.T approved.  

Clamping Systems: We use 6 Clamps for our Standard, Premium & Deluxe Lexan Windshields.
Loop Clamp:  These are a more permanent fixture for your Windshield to the roll bar and are only available with our Standard Windshields.
Simple Grip Straps: These are our new clamping system that makes installing and removing your Windshield very easy. They are tough, easy to use and wont let you down & are available with our Standard & Deluxe Windshields.
Quick Connect Clamps: These make installation a breeze. After the clamps are on your rollbar, you never have to remove them to take your Windshield off. Just loosen the knob bolts to remove the Windshield. Easy on.....solid fit.....then easy off. They are available with our Standard & Deluxe Windshields

Edging: Our Premium & Deluxe Lexan Windshields include a 2" strip of rubber edging along the bottom and both sides.  This protects the Windshield from hitting the rollbar when running hard, the rubber edging stops that cold.
Standard Windshields include a 2" strip of rubber edging along the bottom.

Materials: Pacific Eagle UTV uses the finest professional grade marine fabric made of 100% polyester with stay-true long lasting colors with stabilized fit of less than 1% stretch or shrinkage. Our marine fabric is water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, mildew and UV resistant. The Door Windows & Rear Window is made of durable Aqua-View Smoked vinyl allowing for an uninhibited view and total clarity. Pacific Eagle UTV uses marine sewing thread made from selected high tenacity, heat resistant, continuous multifilament polyester yarns. Along with the highest quality materials, all Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures are hand measured and handcrafted to ensure a precise fit.

Enclosure Colors: You have a choice of 3 colors - Onyx Black - Mossy Oak New Break-Up - National Guard/Woodland Camo.
The color chart is below.

Enclosure Options
Deluxe Lexan Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps and a Dual Vent Total cost is                               $2224.99
Premium Lexan Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps and a Dual Vent Total Cost is                           $2114.99
Standard Lexan Windshield with Simple Grip Straps or Loop Clamps and Dual Vents Total cost is        $2044.99
All three Windshield Options now include a Dual Vent at no further cost

Choose Windshields and Clamps in the PayPal box 

Simple Grip Straps

Loop Clamps

Quick Connect Clamps

Available Extras

Tinted Windshield USD$150.00

All ready got a stock Hard Roof?

Let us know when ordering and we will not add a Soft Top to your order & minus $109.99 off your bill.
Our Full Cab Enclosure with Steel Doors are designed to work in with Hard Roofs!

From $2044.99

Enclosure Options & Extras
What Colour Top do you want?
Enter: Make - Model - Year
Shipping will be expensive for outside the lower 48 or international shipping. Always let us quote first.
Please make sure you enter your UTV make, model and year when ordering.
You have a choice of Simple Grip Straps or Loop Clamps with our Standard Windshields.
The default color is Onyx Black for the Soft Top. You will receive this color if you don't choose a color.
We can not tint Deluxe Lexan Panels, only Standard and Premium. 
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.
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