UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


UTV Doors - Lexan Windshield - Lexan Back Panel Lookup Chart.

This is for all single and double cabs showing if they are a Standard of Modular Cab with a one piece or two piece Lexan Windshield, Half or Full Doors and if there is a Lexan Back Panel available or not.

LX1 = Solid One Piece Lexan Windshield

LX2 = Split Two Piece Lexan Windshield

UTVs come in all shapes and sizes and so do our Cab Enclosures. For all of our newer designs, our Cabs are Modular. Our older designs are Standard.

See pictures below of all the options & types.  

UTV Doors: Some UTV models have stock Lower Half Doors, so you can match those up with our Top Half Doors, or order Full Doors that cover your existing Half Doors over. Other designs don't include factory Half Doors, so you will need to order Full Doors off us. 

Click on the List button above to see if we build Top Half Doors, Full Doors or both types are available for your UTV model. 

Modular Cab: This means all panels, hard or  soft, connect to each other. Meaning a Full Cab Enclosure with a Lexan Windshield can be changed to suit the conditions. Zip off the Soft Back panel or remove your Lexan Back Panel. Unzip the Doors and remove them. Remove the Soft Top. For more airflow on our 2Pc Lexan Windshields remove the Top or Bottom Lexan Panels or remove both. For our solid 1Pc Lexan Windshields, remove the Windshield.  

This gives you total flexibility.  

Standard Cab: This means that all soft panels are sewn together, however the soft and hard panels are connected together. Lexan Windshields & Back panels can still be removed.

Lexan Windshields: Our Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Windshields are all designed to work with all Pacific Eagle UTV Cab Combos. They are also designed to work with all Factory and Aftermarket Hard and Soft Tops & Doors. 

Lexan Windshield types:

LX1 - One piece Lexan Windshield: These are for smaller UTVs where we are constricted with our designs. They can be removed on hot days for more breeze quickly if you order one with our Quick Connect Clamps or Quick install Straps. 

LX2 - Two Piece Lexan Windshield: A two piece Lexan Windshield is for our bigger UTVs where we have room to be more flexible with our designs. These are 3 Windshields in one. A Full Windshield, Bottom Half Windshield and a Top Half Windshield for added breeze. You decide. We recommend Quick Connect Clamps or Quick Install Straps if you are going to utilize the flexibility of our two piece Windshields to the maximum.  

Lexan Windshield Clamping Systems: We use 6 Clamps for our Standard, Premium & Deluxe Lexan Windshields.
Loop Clamps:  These are a more permanent fixture for your Windshield to the roll bar and are only available with our Standard Windshields.
Quick Install Straps: This is our new clamping system that makes installing and removing your Windshield very easy for a great price. They are tough, UV rated, been tested for over 3000 peels, easy to use and won't let you down. They are available with our Standard & Deluxe Windshields
Quick Connect Clamps: These make installation a breeze. After the clamps are on your rollbar, you never have to remove them to take your Windshield off. Just loosen the knob bolts to remove the Windshield. Easy on.....solid fit.....then easy off. They are available with our Premium & Deluxe Windshields

Lexan Back Panels: Our Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Back Panels are all designed to work with all Pacific Eagle UTV Cab Combos. They are also designed to work with all Factory and Aftermarket Hard and Soft Tops & Doors.  Due to the shape of some designs on UTV models, we can not build a Lexan Back Panel. Check the list button to find out if we can for your UTV. 

Dual Vents: These are now a free upgrade on all our Lexan Windshields and Lexan Back Panels. For our smaller Windshields, the vents are operated by one sliding panel. This means it will either be vents open or closed at the same time for both Driver and Passenger. Our larger Lexan Windshields have two separate sliding panels and operate open or close for both sides independently. When you have Dual Vents in a Lexan Windshield and Lexan Back Panel, this will give you the best through breeze for fixed hard panels. They will also help control swirling air sucking up dust and debris from behind your seats. If you are going to add wipers at some stage, you may not want the Dual Vents on your Windshield. Please let us know when ordering.  


Top Half Doors

Full Doors

Cab Types

Modular Cab with Windshield Removed

Standard Cab

Windshield Types

One Piece Lexan Windshield

Two Piece Lexan Windshield

Clamp Types

Loop Clamps

Quick Install Straps

Quick Connect Clamps

Lexan Back Panels

Lexan Back Panels

Dual Vents Types

Dual Vents on a Small Windshield - 1 Panel

Dual Vents on a Large Windshield 2 Panels

Color Options

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