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Can Am Defender Rival Rock Sliders & Footwell Protection 

These are for the following UTV models: 

2016+ Rock Sliders -  Can Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10

2017 - 19 Footwell Protection  -  Can Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10

2020+ Footwell Protection -  Can Am Defender HD5 / HD8 / HD10

Can Am Defender  Rock Sliders 2016+

Can Am Defender Rock Sliders
Most owners of UTVs don't realize they need Rock Sliders until it's too late. Protect your UTV right where it needs it. This is your most vulnerable part and every trails has hidden surprises that will catch you out. This install is very easy.

Fits all Single Cab Defenders from 2016+

Integrated mounting to fit snug against your machine
Powder coated black
Hardware and instructions included
Easy to mount

Can Am Defender Footwell Protection
2017-19 Can Am Defender 
2020+ Can Am Defender 

Can Am Defender Footwell Protection

 Make sure to tell us your Defenders year when ordering. 

2017 / 19 Can Am Defender Footwell Protection


2020+ Can Am Defender Footwell Protection


2020+ Can Am Defender Footwell Protection
RIVAL Powersports offers vehicle specific Can Am Footwell Protection sets to minimize the risk of damage to  your UTV where you need it - The footwell underbody protection. The Footwell Protection sets are made from lightweight aluminum along with a powder-coated finish. You get durability and great looks.

UTVs can & will hit the ground surface hard and rocks can turn into missiles, that's why footwell plates should be one of the first accessory you should look at to protect you & your machine.  

2017-19  Can Am Defender SKU# RV2444.7279.1
2020+ Can Am Defender SKU# RV2444.7283.1
Please add your Defender detail in the PayPal box when ordering

Full protection of the footwell for your UTV
Lightweight aluminum along with a Black Powder-Coated finish
Detailed installation instruction.

Manufactured from 4mm 5052 aluminum
Drainage and maintenance holes included
Precision laser cut
Powder coated for scratch resistance
Where possible it protects the entire footwell, brake reservoir, master cylinder, and radiator overflow bottle

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Can Am Defender Rock Sliders                                           $179.00
Can Am Defender  Footwell Protection 2017-19   $399.00
Can Am Defender Footwell Protection 2020+         $399.00
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