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CF Moto CForce Rival Plastic Skid Plate sets

These are for the following ATV models: 

  CF Moto CForce 800 / 800 XC / 1000: 2018 - 2020+

CF Moto CForce  Plastic Skid Plates.
Skid Plate Full Kits with Front & Rear A-Arms
Front A-Arms
Rear A-Arms

CF Moto ATV Full Skid Plate Kit with Front & Rear A-Arms 


CF Moto ATV Front A-Arm Guards


CF Moto ATV Rear A-Arm Guards


Full Skid Plates including Front and Rear A-Arm Guards

CF Moto 800 XC Full Skid Plate Set including all A-Arms

Free shipping to the Lower 48
  • Full protection of bottom and front part of the ATV.
  • Holes for oil changing.
  • Detailed installation instruction.
  • Full coverage skid plates – fully protect the bottom and front part as well as the control arms, drive shafts etc.

CF Moto CForce Full Plastic Skid Plate including all A-Arms

Rival offers vehicle specific CF Moto ATV Skid Plate sets to minimise the risk of damage to most vital components by giving your ATV the ultimate under body protection. 
The Skid Plates and A-Arm Guards are made from high strength 10 mm Plastic for excellent durability and great looks.

For the CF Moto CForce 800XC only

KEY FEATURES: Front & Rear Arm Guards, Front to Rear Belly Guards & Side Guards
  • Constructed with high strength 10 mm plastic
  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Excellent sliding
  • No corrosion, chemical resistance
  • Flexible and regains its shape after impact
  • Laser cut
  • Utilizes factory mounting points
  • Side chassis and footwell protection
  • Includes drain and maintenance holes
  • Hidden fastening and special plate washers

Also Available:
You can order just the Front A-Arm Guards or just the Rear A-Arm Guards for $99.00 each.
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This item only ships to the Lower 48
We can not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Global at this time.
The Skid Plate Kid will ship directly from Texas. Shipping is 3 - 5 days.
Free shipping to the lower 48 only.

Skid Plate Stock Levels
CF Moto CForce 800 XC  Full Skid Plate Set Stock level is good - Place an order now.
CF Moto CForce 800 XC  Full Skid Plate Set Front A=Arm Guards Stock Levels Low -Email first
CF Moto CForce 800 XC  Rear A-Arm Guards Stock Levels Low -Email first

Full Skid Plate Kit including A-Arm Guards $489.00
Front A-Arm Guards only $89.00
Rear A-Arm Guards only $89.00
Front & Rear A-Arms Guards $178.00
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