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RZR TURBO ECU Re Flash +25hp

Plug in huge power and torque gains. +25hp

-Safely raises boost levels.
-Alba Racing optimized timing map.
-Alba Racing fuel map.
-Runs on 91 octane or better fuel.
-Huge increase in horsepower.
-Huge increase in torque.
-Increase in throttle response.
-Rev limiter increased.
-Torque limiters removed.
-Speed limiters removed.

Core options.
1. Send us your ecu we will flash it and send it back to you.
2. Pay core charge of $399. Ship back your ecu within 60 days and we will credit you back the full $399.
3. Pay the core charge and purchase outrite.

**For race use only. Not for sale or use in California.


RZR TURBO ECU Re Flash +25hp
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