UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


Textron Stampede

All Textron Stampede single Cab models and years

Depending on what product you choose, you will be taken to the Pacific Eagle UTV website or our Powersports Megamall website.  

Cab Enclosure Combos

Lexan Windshields


Cab Combos with Lexan & Vinyl Windshields - Doors - Tops - Back Panels

+ Free Shipping

1 and 2 Piece Lexan Windshields - 

Half Lexan Windshields - Lexan Back Panels

+ Free Shipping

Viper Winches

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Textron UTV Snow Plow Kit

Hard Doors

Farm Implements

66" and 72" Full Snow Plow Kits-

Plow - Pushtubes - Textron Plow Mount

Skid Feet - Plow Markers - Rubber Flap

Plow colors: Yellow - Red -Black

+ Free Shipping

Lexan Hard Doors Coming Soon

Cultivators, Harrows, Landscaping Rakes, Plows, Planters, Hilling Moldboards, Bale Trailers, Potato Digger, Box Scraper, Barb Wire Dispenser, Lawn Aerator, Lawn Roller, Landscaping Rake

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Sound Systems

Exhaust, Fuel/Air, Gauges, Interior, Body, Clutch and belt, Suspension/Drive.
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Aluminum or Plastic Skid Plates, 

+ Free Shipping

Amps, LED Lighting, Marine Speakers, Stereo Roof, Subwoofers
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Not Available

Lawn & Garden



Belly Mowers, Flail Mowers, Rough Cut Trailcutter Mowers, Rough Cut Mowers, Finish Cut Mowers, Tongue Mowers
+ Free Shipping
Snow Plows, Snow Blowers, Ski sled, Timbersled, Classic track setter, Sand & Gravel spreader, Rotary broom, Push broom, Rubber blade, Trailer skis, Universal spreader, Cab Heaters.
+ Free Shipping
Log haulers, Hydraulic log splitter, Kinetic log splitter, Timber trailers, Wood chippers, Chainsaw Holders, Cargo box, Timber Crane, Road grader attachment, Electric winch set, Electric winch set.
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UTV Electric Wiper Kit

Wheels and Tires

Side Mirrors and Rear Vision Mirrors

+Free Shipping

For use with MR10 Scratch Resistant Lexan Windshields only

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Wheels - Tires - Wheel Spacers

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ATV / UTV Utility trailers

LED Light Bars & Bulbs

UTV Cab Heaters

From $349.95Three designs to suit your needs.

+ Free Shipping

LED Light Bars - LED Bulbs

+ Free Shipping

These are a complete kit designed to keep you comfortable during the colder months

+ Free Shipping

Not Available


Adapters & Mounting Kits

Spare Parts

Baskets and Racks, Cargo Boxes, Chainsaw Holders, Hydraulic Power Unit, Mini-Motion Package, Aluminum Arched Ramp, Mudslingers
+ Free Shipping

Front-mount adapters, Front winch mounting kits, Hitch-ball mounting kits, Mid-mount adapters, Rear winch mounting kits
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Belts, Blades, Clamps, Disks, Flail mower parts, Plow parts, Shanks, Shovel, Springs, Switches
+ Free Shipping
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