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Yamaha Viking & Viking VI Dual Vent Lexan Windshield

It's a Half and Full Windshield in one. A Half Windshield with Dual Vents is so versatile it will increase your comfort level to the max. Simply remove the top section in minutes with ease with our Quick Install Straps or Quick Connect Clamps.


Yamaha Viking 2014 +

Yamaha Viking EPS SE  2014-17

Yamaha Viking EPS 2014+

Yamaha Viking VI 2015-16

Yamaha Viking VI EPS SE 2014-17

Yamaha Viking VI EPS 2015+

Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition 2016+

So, where do we start?  We start with heavy-duty materials, cut with CNC precision, made in America.  We start with a 2-piece Lexan windshield with loop clamps. The unique design of the 2-piece windshield offers function in all seasons. During colder months, the full windshield offers the needed front wind protection. During warmer months, the 2-piece independent windshield sections allows the lower section to be removed for great air flow while the top remains on as a bug shield. The windshield mounts using vibration-damping loop clamps made of zinc-plated steel with a vinyl coating for cushioning.  All hardware needed for the loops clamps is provided.


  • Fits all 2014-2021Yamaha Viking models.


  • ¼” Polycarbonate-Both the upper and lower windshield section is made of ¼” Lexan polycarbonate. Lexan is the original brand of polycarb and offers incredible impact strength.  When choosing a windshield always select 1/4″ thickness.  ¼” polycarbonate will not bow at high speeds or when hauling as compared to 3/16”.
  • 2 PIECE DESIGN-Each windshield section mounts independently of the other.  This allows the rider the option of riding with both sections on or just the top or bottom on when more air in the cab is desired.
  • AUTOMOTIVE TRIM-The bottom of the lower windshield section has a flexible PVC edge trim installed. The trim on the bottom of the lower section includes a flexible bubble to better seal any gaps between the windshield and hood line.  The trim along the hood line is standard in all windshield models.
  • BENDS-All of our 2-piece windshields have bends for design purposes or to add strength to the windshield.


  • QUICK INSTALL STRAPS and TRIM-The Quick Install Straps provide the quickest and easiest installation of a windshield on the market. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Made of military-grade hook and loop, simply thread the straps through the windshield slots, mount, and attach.  IT”S THAT EASY.  Additional automotive trim is attached along the sides of the windshield.
  • QUICK CONNECT CLAMPS-Our top-of-the-line clamps are a powder-coated 2-piece steel clamp. Once installed, the windshield sections can be removed or re-installed by simply removing the knob bolt. Additional automotive trim is attached along the sides of the windshield.
  • VENTS-We added vents to your windshield for air flow when needed.   A set of vents are installed in front of the driver and passenger.  The vents open and close by simply sliding the cover side-to-side.
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATING-Need a scratch-resistant hard coated windshield?  See our base listing for a windshield made of scratch-resistant MR10 (Mar-Resistant) Lexan that combines the impact strength of polycarbonate sheets with a proprietary abrasion and UV-resistant coating.

Whichever options you choose, you’re buying a quality windshield manufactured in the USA by 3 Star Industries.

Upon receipt of your windshield and prior to removing the protective film from each side, please….

  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction with mounting hardware.
  • Confirm correct fitment

Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

PLEASE NOTE-All features may not be presented in the accompanying pictures.  Description takes precedence of pictures.

Windshield Options

2 Pc 9034 Lexan 9034 Windshield with Dual Vents & Loop Clamps - $471.95
2 Pc 9034 Lexan 9034 Windshield with Dual Vents & Quick Install Straps - $470.95
2 Pc 9034 Lexan 9034 Windshield with Dual Vents & Quick Connect Clamps - $570.95
2 Pc SCRATCH-RESISTANT MR10 Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents & Loop Clamps - $557.95
2 Pc SCRATCH-RESISTANT MR10 Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents & Quick Install Straps - $552.95
2 Pc SCRATCH-RESISTANT MR10 Lexan Windshield with Dual Vents & Quick Connect Clamps - $656.95

Yamaha Viking & Viking VI Dual Vent Lexan Windshield

From $470.95


Due to the size of the Yamaha Vikings Windshield, it must be shipped in an oversize box. That has been included in the total price. 
Shipping is for the lower 48 only & just the Windshield at the quoted prices.

A further shipping cost for the Lexan Windshield will be invoiced for international orders including Alaska and Canada.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.

Quick Connect Clamp

Quick Install Strap

Loop Clamp

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