UTV Cab Enclosures & Lexan Windshields


CF Moto ZForce Lexan Windshield

Fits all CFMoto ZForce models -  Z5 - Z6 - Z8 - Z1000

LEXAN -The windshield is manufactured using ¼” Lexan that will not bow at high speeds or when hauling as compared to 3/16”. Lexan has 250 times the impact strength of glass.

DUAL VENTS-We’ve upgraded all of our windshields to include dual vents on the bottom windshield section. A line of vent openings have been cut in front of the driver and passenger. The vents open and close by sliding the vent covers from side to side.

AUTOMOTIVE TRIM-Our Premium & Deluxe Lexan Windshields include a 2" strip of rubber edging along the bottom and both sides. This protects the Windshield from hitting the rollbar when running hard, the rubber edging stops that cold. Standard Windshields include a 2" strip of rubber edging along the bottom.

BENDS-By design, all of our 2 piece windshields have bends for design purposes or to add strength to the windshield. At the top of the lower section, the windshield contains a bend of approximately 60 degrees. At the bottom of the upper section, the windshield contains two bends; one out and one down. This allows the bends in the upper section to mount over the bend in the bottom section. Please see the listing photos showing these bends. An additional bend is designed at the top of the upper section. This bend strengthens the polycarb and provides more stability at high speeds or while towing. Your windshield may contain additional bends if needed to contour to the vehicle’s cab frame.

Clamping Systems: We use 6 Clamps for our Standard, Premium & Deluxe Lexan Windshields.
Loop Clamp: These are a more permanent fixture for your Windshield to the roll bar and are only available with our Standard Windshields.
Quick Install Straps: The Quick Install Straps provide the quickest and easiest installation of a windshield on the market.....NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Made of military-grade hook and loop, simply thread the straps through the windshield slots, mount, and attach. IT'S THAT EASY!
Quick Connect Clamps: These make installation a breeze. After the clamps are on your rollbar, you never have to remove them to take your Windshield off. Just loosen the knob bolts to remove the Windshield. Easy on.....solid fit.....then easy off. They are available with our Standard & Deluxe Windshields

ADDITIONAL FEATURES- The top of the windshield stops just below the front cross bar. The windshield should not interfere with your top. The windshield can be used with a soft top or hard top.

All Pacific Eagle UTV Lexan Windshields are D.O.T approved.

Standard Lexan 9034 Windshield with Loop Clamps & Dual Vents $250.95     Code:LG2

Standard Lexan 9034 Windshield with Quick Install Straps & Dual Vents $250.95    Code:SB2
Premium Lexan 9034 Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps & Dual Vents $290.95     Code:LB2
Deluxe Lexan MR10 Scratch Resistant Windshield with Quick Install Straps & Dual Vents $330.95    Code:SM2
Deluxe Lexan MR10 Scratch Resistant Windshield with Quick Connect Clamps & Dual Vents $390.95    Code:LM2

From $250.95

Solid One Piece Lexan Windshield
Add Dual Vent for Free
Enter UTV: Year-Make -Model
Free Shipping is for the lower 48 only & just the Windshield. 
A $30 shipping charge will be added for a Lexan Back Window. 
A further shipping cost for the Lexan Windshield & Lexan Back will be invoiced for international orders including Alaska and Canada.
Please make sure you enter your UTV make, model and year when ordering.
There is a Lexan Back Window available for some models, but not the CF Moto Z6.
Our busy period is between November & March and our lead time can be as much as 12 days, please ask for an update when ordering.  

Quick Install Straps

Metal Loop Clamps

Quick Connect Clamps

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